Dreams Office
Dreams Office, october 2018

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Dreams Office


Dreams Office is a french graphic design studio working for companies, public or private cultural institutions and professional designers.

Work and products

Dreams Office designs long term visual communication solutions that can be separated in three categories:

Visual identities Designing and building identification systems and graphic tools: logotypes, signage, typography, photography, brand identity.

Digital interfaces Designing and developing commercial, documentary, and showcase websites.

Printed matters Designing and making editorials objects: publications, journals, reports, exhibition catalogs and booklets, magazines.

Method and Savoir-faire

Dreams Office critical approach relies on two specific savoir-faire:

Type design Custom typefaces and lettering.

Photography Photography design, photo shoots and reportages.

Our client and us

Our clients’ request are analyzed and delineated before the making. By combining method and savoir-faire we offer precise, clear and sustainable answers to our clients’ needs. They are built on new typologies of forms, letters and images.

Dreams Office accompanies clients who provide quality and reliable goods and services. The studio has worked with:

Telecom company
Contemporary Art Museum
Pavillon de l’Arsenal
European center for architecture
Savoir Faire
Music company
Animal 63
Music label
Saint Eustache
Parisian christian church
Emmanuelle Khanh
Eyewear brand
Neurosciences company

Dreams Office relies on the assets of its network of partners, specialized international suppliers and providers. Printers, developers, filmmakers, editors, makers, distributors and production managers allow us to handle the projects and their production level.